<img src="end of line machine.jpg" alt="end of line machines for wrapping in film,cardboard and paper">
<img src="end of line machine.jpg" alt="end of line machines for wrapping in film,cardboard and paper">

End Of Line Case Packing Machines

Outer Case/Carton Packing

Secondary outer case packers are commonplace in most high output packaging deapartments. Few case packers though, have the versatility to ensure the asset is capable of the numerous versions of trays, wraparound, top load and side load available from one vendor.



Case/Carton Outer Packers with Automatic Servo Major Movements

The range of B&B case packers includes wraparound, top load and side load iterations making them one of the most complete and experienced vendors of automatic case packing equipment. Combined with many years experience in this industry and the knowledge of a vast array of product handling techniques from individual items such as bags,inner cartons, pouches, bottles etc.


The Combimatic Case Packer is an all majo movement servo driven case packer achieving speeds of up to 40 CPM  many product handling options, closure and labelling systems, and product iterations such as two part SRP's, trays, high board trays, tray and film combinations.


Case erectors from flat blanks, American case, RSC are all possible in either wraparound, top load or side load case erecting machines.


The Kartomat side load case packer is an excellent choice for items ideal for side loading whilst perfectly integrated into customers existing production lines.


To finalise the range the Universa Top Loader Case packer is an ideal solution to save manual handling for compex items that would normally have to be hand placed into a pre-erected case.


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