Pre-Spouted Pouch Filling Machines

Filling Spouted Pouches from Pre-Spouted pouches

Pre-made Spouted Pouches are one of the fastest growing categories in the Stand Up Pouch market. The ease of filling Pre-Spouted Pouches and the replacement of rigid containers such a glass jars and blow moulded containers with a lightweight environmentally lower carbon packaging media is growing dramtically in the refill pouch market.



Servo driven Pre-Spouted Pouch Filling Machines

The ScaldoPack range of Pre-Spouted pouch fillers is the most comprehensive offering of Spouted Pouch fillers available from any single OEM vendor. The range is designed to allow fillers to enter the market on a small scale and then upgrade their filling capcity as the market grows.


The ScaldoPack Smart desktop filler is available with a range of pump options according to the application whilst being ergonomic enough to achieve up to 12PPM and is ideal for start up companies to introduce a new product to market. NEW for 2021 The Smart Filler is now capable of not only filling pouches, but bottles and Jerry cans as well!


The ScaldoPack Stepper filler is an entry level rail fed machine - where the pouches are introduced to the machine on plastic rails and then pushed into the filling machine to achieve semi-automatic pouch feeding and is capable of achieving outputs up to 20PPM.


The ScaldoPack Monofiller is available in several different models with multiple filling heads up to a maximum of 4 heads and speeds in excess of 80 PPM are achievable.


The capacity range is large from 50ml up to 5000ml achievable across the range and a constant range of equipment is being developed by ScaldoPack to meet the needs of this fast growing market.


Refill lightweight pouches are one of the fastest growing categories in the flexible packaging market, allowing the re-use of rigid containers with space efficient, lightweight flexible packs.


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