<img src="end of line machine.jpg" alt="end of line machines for wrapping in film,cardboard and paper">
<img src="end of line machine.jpg" alt="end of line machines for wrapping in film,cardboard and paper">

End Of Line Packing Equipment



ShrinkPack provide end of line packing solutions from B&B in Germany, recognised as one of the most premium end of line packaging equipment suppliers in the world.


From Film:


The servo driven StretchPacker provides an alternative to traditional film collation solutions by stretching film tightly rather than utilising conventional  shrink wrap machinery, providing significantly lower costs of materials and energy via the elimination of traditional shrink tunnels. These savings combined with tightly StretchPacked products can often improve the amount of product achievable on the pallet. The StretchPacker is revolutionary, by providing a more sustainable packaging solution to the traditional higher cost shrink film process. Other benefits such as being able to perforate the film in either the longitudinal or transverse direction allowing easier and faster merchandising of product is available.


From Carton/Corrugated Case:


Carton Erecting packaging machines,carton packaging machines, end of line case packers and carton erecting machinery from B&B  for corrugated  carton erection. Our high speed wraparound, one and two piece case packers with speeds of up to 40 cartons per minute are available. The Combimatic provides quality, reliability and speed of change of product type and collation format whilst perfectly integrated  into  your existing machinery lines. Traditional side load case packers - The Kartomat and Top Load Case Packers - The Universa are also available to complete our range. All of our packaging equipment can be integrated into our cartoning or pouch machinery equipment with a full turnkey service available.


From Paper:


The Matador paper wrapping solution from B&B is a specialist paper wrapping end of line solution for customers who wish to go plastic free for their secondary packaging. Specialist stationary products, cartons, and folding carton collation are markets where the Matador is regularly seen as a viable alternative to traditional shrink packing. 


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