Reel Fed Pouch Filling Machines

Forming and filling Stand Up Pouches from reel

Reel fed Stand Up Pouches are normally used for medium to long runs. Starting from lower cost reel format, the machines form and fill the pouch in one process. The option of zipper, shapes and spout insertion are possible on these lines.



Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machines

The Bossar full servo motion machines are state of the art production platforms designed for speed and efficiency for longer run stand up pouch production.


Servo motion has many advantages compared to traditional mechanical machines, such as independent motion on each operation, more energy efficient process, lower waste levels and much lower maintenace.


The Bossar range of full servo horizontal form fill and seal pouch machines comes in a variety of size platforms as well as operation in simplex, duplex, triplex and quattro modes where one, two, three or eveen four pouches can be formed and filled at the same time to reach very high production speeds.


The potential options in terms of zipper closures, shape cutting, fitment insertion, Ultra Clean operation as well as the utilisation of fully recyclable flexible packaging films makes the Bossar Full Servo Horizontal Form fill and Seal machines a truly versatile production platform for high speed, low cost materials, highly efficient pouch machine. 


Bossar have a rich history of producing high quality horizontal form fill and seal machines for over 25 years. There are over 2600 machines installed worldwide.


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