Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machines

Filling Stand Up Pouches from Pre-made Pouches

Pre-made Pouch fillers are normally used for short to medium run lengths where versatility and speed in size and product changes are required. Push Button size changes and fast change product changeover systems are available to achieve versatility and efficiency.



Full servo Pre-made pouch filling Machines

The Bossar BCS full servo pre-made pouch filler is the ultimate production platform where the packer requires the greatest versatility and ease of changeover to enable the filiing of many pouch sizes and product changes as possible. 


Servo motion allows push button size change in minutes allowing many SKU's to be manufactured in a single shift. Easy change pre-prepared filling systems allows clean down times to be minimised and ensures maximum utilisation of the pouch machine.


The Bossar BCS is a full servo motion machine requiring minimal maintenance and simplicity of operation. The machine is ideal for where the same product is packed in many weight formats or many product changes may be required within the same size format.


The Bossar BCS is a servo driven carousel system where higher bag weights are easy to produce due to the servo controlled mechanical gripper system and therefore bag weights up to 10Kg can easily be produced.


The Bossar BMS and BMK range also have a range of pre-made pouch fillers suitable for lighter ( less than 2kg) weight pouches in both simplex and duplex execution for powders, solids and liquid packaging or a combination of solids and liquids.


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