<img src="spout inserting machinery.jpg" alt="pouch making machinery for spouted pouches">
<img src="spout inserting machinery.jpg" alt="pouch making machinery for spouted pouches">

Spouted Pouch Spout Inserting Machines

Spouted Pouches

Spouted Pouches are becoming more common in the replacement of rigid packaging. The ease of use and the environmental benefits of spouted pouches are driving huge growth in the flexible packaging industry. Refill pouches are becoming more and more common as a means of reducing the overall carbon footprint of packaging as well as becoming more popular in online internet sold goods.



Spout Inserting Machines

More and more rigid bottles are being transferred to flexible pouches with spouts inserted into them. The drive of e-commerce applications and refill pouches are on the rise and growth in this area is particularly high. Spout inserting machines take a plastic spout and heat seal the spouts into the pouch to make a leak free heat seal.


ShrinkPack supply several methods and machines for inserting spouts in to pouches.

The ScaldoPack spout inserters work from a pre-formed pouch and the machine picks up the pouch, inserts the spout and heat seals the spout into the pouch.


The Bossar spout inserters work from a reel of flexible packaging film, form and heat seal the perimeter seals of the pouch and then inserts the spout and finally heat seals the spout in place.


Both machines have the capability of feeding the spouted pouches onto plastic rails for subsequent through the spout filling on a through the spout filling line.


The ScaldoPack solution is ideal for short to medium run length productions and the Bossar solution is perfect for longer run productions.





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