<img src="pouch machinery.jpg" alt="pouch machine, pouch making machine for stand up pouches">
<img src="pouch machinery.jpg" alt="pouch machine, pouch making machine for stand up pouches">

Pouch Converting Machines and Spout Inserting



A pouch converting machine or a pouch making machine makes a pouch by taking either a single or multiple webs of heat sealable film and then folds them and heat seals them to make a stand up pouch. The stand up pouch can have a zipper reseal closure heat sealed into it or may have shapes cut out to make a shaped stand up pouch.


From several European leading OEM's in flexible pouch making and spout inserting machines, ShrinkPack offer the most complete range of pouch converting technology available from one source. Many years of experience gained within the flexible packaging industry, combined with in depth knowledge of market requirements, allow us to offer our customers many options in terms of pouch making solutions across a range of budgets and speed requirements. 


The Karlville KS-DSUP range of stand up pouch making machines is one of the most versatile stand up pouch making machines in the world, offering a range of pouch machines capable of producing stand up pouches from a single web or two narrow webs utilising back to front print registration. The range is completed with a special shaped pouch machine specifically designed for shaped pouches.


The Karlville KW-FB-700 flat bottom pouch making machine for producing quad seal flat bottom pouches with or without zipper in either one up or two up production to allow a wide size range of pouches from very small pouches to large sacks.


The ScaldoPack spout inserting range allows offline spout inserting for liquid pouch applications from a pre-made pouch source. Ideal for short to medium run length productions, the Scaldopack range of spout inserters allow packaging converters to quickly set up and change pouch and spout size quickly and efficiently.


The Bossar pouch maker is an ideal solution for long run spouted pouches from a reel fed source, allowing customers to reduce costs by starting from a lower cost web fed solution and making pouches and inserting spouts in a single process. The Bossar pouch maker is ideal for long run high speed production of spouted pouches.



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