Pouch Making Machines and Spout Inserters

High Volume Pre-Made Pouch Production Machines


From the two leading providers in flexible pouch making machines - Karlville and B+B MAF.


The Karlville KJ-MF series multi format pouch making machine is one of the most versatile pouch making machines in the world, offering multi format pouch, bag and sack solutions allowing three side seal, stand up pouch and side gusseted bags to be manufactured on a single platform.


The B+B range of pouch making machines range offers the widest and most diverse range of pouch and bag making machines to be produced by one manufacturer.

Inline and out of line Spout insertion systems, multi format reseal Top Closure Systems and handle application systems are available to suit all requirements and budgets. Both companies offer comprehensive pouch packaging conversion machinery that can be integrated with inline filling systems. 

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