Handle Application Machines Tape Bundling Machines

Self-Adhesive Tape Bundling and Handle Application Machines


ShrinkPack supply a range of equipment solutions for applying flexible self adhesive tape handles for beverage multi-packs as well as a range of other products requiring a consumer friendly handle. CEFMA is a Karlville company dedicated to providing a wide range of handle equipment to suit all capacities and budgets.


 The recent collaboration between CEFMA and 3M® to form The MultiPack Solution has dramatically provided a new approach to the way people think about collating products in a low cost environmentally conscious method to provide multipack solutions for many different industries.


 The CEFMA Handle Application Machines the range can be a stand alone or easliy integrated into customers existing lines with the minimal of disruption and the maximum of performance.


 The CEFMA Tape Bundling Machines are normally integrated into an existing line or via a product bypass to allow the maximum of flexiblity of the offering.

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