Shrink and Stretch Film Collation Machinery

Film Bundling and Collation Machines for End Of Line


The servo driven StretchPacker provides an alternative to traditional film collation solutions by stretching film tightly rather than utilising conventional  shrink wrap machinery, providing significantly lower costs of materials and energy via the elimination of traditional tunnels.


  The StretchPacker is revolutionary, by providing a more sustainable packaging solution to the traditional higher cost shrink film process. Other benefits such as being able to perforate the film in either the longitudinal or transverse direction allowing easier and faster merchandising of product is available.


  The Rotary Rollpacker for cylindrical items such as food tins and adhesive tapes provides one of the most cost effective collation solutions for this type of product.


 The Bag Filler for the Tissue Industry is recognised as one of the highest performing machines in the industry and our tunnels are one of the most reliable and robust solutions available.

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