Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeves and Pouches

Shrink Sleeve and Pouch Machines for Digital Printers


One of the biggest growth areas in packaging is customisation ofpackaging, maximising consumer interaction and allowing brands to access the consumer directly via its packaging medium.


Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeves


The Karlville K1 shrink sleeve seaming machine was a first for the marketplace, allowing very short run digital printers an affordable production platform to convert very small personalised and customised shrink sleeve labels. The Steambox Pro is a small format shrink tunnel solution, allowing small runs of  digitally printed shrink sleeves to be applied to articles for customised label solutions.


Digitally Printed Pouches


NEW COMING SOON One of our newest additions to our range of equipment is a low cost small footprint pouch conversion machine suitable for very short runs of digitally printed pouches.


 The flexible packaging market is seen as a huge opportunity for customised packaging and therefore Karlvilles partnership with HP® to develop the first PackReady® laminator is an exciting development in the customised packaging market. 

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