Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machines for Liquids and Solids

The very latest Stand Up Pouch filling technology for liquids from Karlville, offering a range of equipment solutions to fill spouted pouches by either filling a pre-spouted pouch or alternatively inserting a spout into a pre-made pouch and then subsequently filling the pouch. Filling through the spout has many advantages, including significant packaging material cost savings due to higher fill heights in comparison to traditional form,fill and seal machines.


The Karlville fill and cap range of liquid fillers are available in a wide range of capacities and budgets designed to suit everything from small start-up businesses to high volume throughputs. All the fill and cap range of fillers are extremely versatile and easy to changeover.


The Karlville insert spout, fill and cap range of liquid fillers are ideal for higher volume spouted pouch productions, where pre-made pouches are fed into a spout inserter and then subsequently filled through the spout.This range of equipment gives maximum format capability as well as commercial advantages for customers wishing to achieve a highly flexible production platform.


For solid products we offer the Bossar range of pre-made pouch filling solutions.The highly flexible full servo Bossar BCS platform is a quick size changeover carousel style machine allowing size change within minutes as well as a wide size range of solid filling solutions up to very large capacity pouches.


The Bossar BMK modular platform allows the filling of pre-made pouches in a different range of sizes as well as retort applications. From the Bossar BMK 1400 to the Bossar BMK 3300 this range of equipment allows a wide range of filling options as well as capacity and size option as well as being a modular platform, the BMK range will allow the customer to retrofit unwind and pouch forming at a later date to allow reel fed packaging should they need to.

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